Review: Glamouröses Make-up mit Artistry „Luxe Metallics“

Glitter has always fascinated me. Even though I have temporarily refrained from it, now I love him again. Whether lip gloss, eyeshadow or eyeliner, the glittering metallic look we will not get around this season. Artistry has taken up the current trend and manufactured high quality products.




Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ – 3D face powder


Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ - 3D Gesichtspuder


The 3D face powder (CHF 32.10) in six finely graded shades in “Shimmering Nudes” for differently strong shimmer and natural shine. Its microfine, light powder can be easily blinded. The box is sold separately and also fits to other Amway products. (Source: Amway)


Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ – eyeshadow


Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ - Lidschatten-Trio


The eyeshadow trio (CHF 53.15) surprises with its texture: The creamy liquid is applied to the eyelid, where it turns into a durable powder. Due to its special consistency, it can be applied as a covering as well as thinly veneer. A further advantage of the small vials: They do not burst like powder eyeshadows and are therefore ideal for handbag and holiday baggage. Three triliths make the trio: “Emerald”, a deep, forest-emerald green; “Amethyst”, an elegant, not too glaring violet; And “Platinum”, a stunning silver. (Source: Amway)


Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ – liquid eyeliner „Purple Luxe“


Artistry „Luxe Metallics“ - Flüssige Eyeliner „Purple Luxe“


The Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner (à CHF 41.55) comes in “Purple Luxe”, an iridescent violet with fine glitter particles. It is always eye-catching without being shrill: combined with the eyeshadow or solo as a graphic eyeshadow like on the runways of Giambattista Valli, Kenzo Or Oscar de la Renta. Its water-resistant texture will stick for up to 24 hours – with heat, moisture or sweating activities. (Source: Amway)


my opinion and swatches


The face powder looks as a highlighter very pretty, it glitters in any case wonderful. My favoriteare the eyeshadows, the application succeeds surprisingly well, but you have to leave it to dry for a short time before you make up further. It remains a powdery finish, which does not stick at all. As you can see on the swatches they are also highly pigmented and glittery, the effect is really great. For removal, it is then necessary to use a make-up remover for waterproof make-up. So it is possible to dance all night, without the eyeshadow leave you early. I especially fell in love with the golden one. The eyeliner has also succeeded, it holds super good and looks very pretty.


Do you already know the brand Artistry? How do you like those products?