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Since I prefer natural nails, I love to try different methods of nail embellishment. Straight Striplac fits very well because it strengthens the nails. For all those who like glitter, but have their trouble with glitter nail polish, the concept of Mermaid Nails is a wonderful alternative.


alessandro striplac mermaid nails


alessandro Striplac – Try me kit


Before I show you the great new Mermaid Shimmer Nails, I would like to introduce you to Striplac by alessandro.


alessandro striplac


Striplac is the world-wide unique nail polish, which last much longer than conventional nail polish, which does not splinter and does not require any solvent or acetone to peel off. BecauseStriplac is simply removed from the nail if the color is to be changed. Striplac is nevertheless a nail polish and NO foil.
Striplac is made of an elastic and flexible plastic, which is absolutely unbreakable and splinter resistant. And, once peeled off, the naked natural nail is healthy and undisturbed. Striplac is for all women who do not want a nail model or UV manicure, but they want a long lasting, splinter resistant lacquer, which they can remove independently.


How to use


File nails. Push back cuticles. Polish nails with polishing file to a high shine. Wipe nails with cleansing pads.

Apply Twin Coat thinly and cure for 90 seconds. Apply colour, cure for 90 seconds. Repeat the operation if necessary. Seal with Twin Coat and cure for 90 seconds. Wipe the inhibitor layer with cleaning pads.

Simply peel off Striplac from the edges using your fingers or using a hoof stick when you want to change the colour.

The advantage of this method is that the nails are reinforced by the striplac. Especially those who have very long nails certainly knows the problem that the happy times break off also with conventional nail polish. Removing the Striplac is really super easy. It is important to degrease the nails well before you start applying. For me, the first attempt was about 5 days after a nail released by itself. The application needs some practice, because when the stripe comes up ttill o the nail skin, it dissolves more quickly.


Mermaid Shimmer by alessandro


alessandro striplac mermaid nails


Shimmering elements, shining fabrics and fairy tones: In the designer collections, mermaid inspiration plays a decisive role. Also at alessandro the Mermaid trend is interpreted multi-faceted and so gentle rose meets subtle shimmer. The Mermaid Striplac sets from alessandro ensure an extravagant nail look in the spring of 2017.


Matching to the spring and the wedding months, alessandro International is launching the MERMAID SHIMMER set consisting of the Striplac Color CHERRY BLOSSOM and a pink shimmering powder. In this way fabulous accents can be quickly and simply conjured up on the nails.


alessandro striplac mermaid nails


How to


1. Apply Twin Coat + Striplac color and allow to cure as usual.

2. Press the glimmer powder into the warm sweat layer with the enclosed application or rubber glove.

3. Subsequently seal with Twin Coat and allow to cure.


alessandro striplac mermaid nails


Impression with the applicator works great. I recommend you apply two layers of the color varnish to get a nice uniform color. It is best to always paint the four fingers first and keep them under the lamp and then the thumb separately. After each layer, remove the perspiration layer except when you press the glimmer powder.


We love Macarons by alessandro


we love macarons alessandro


If you were wondering why a sweet Macaron sneaked onto the pictures, this is the new sweet hand cream line by alessandro. But they do not just look sweet, they smell wonderful and maintains intensely.


Hyaluronic acid and shea butter soften the skin with moisture and ensure a fresh and healthy appearance. In addition, olive oil protects and regenerates the nail skin – an extra portion of care for smooth hands and beautiful nails. The three delicious strawberry, pistachio and lemon aromas are available from March 2017 onwards.


How do you like Mermaid Shimmer and We love Macarons from alessandro? Do you use Striplac?










  1. Monday February 20th, 2017 / 01:28 AM

    thanks for sharing, I have short nails which I have to keep short but there are times £I eish I could grow my fingernails overnight for a party or special occasion.As I do not want to have Gel nails, I feel Striplac is the answer, you nention they have long lasting, splinter resistant lacquer, how long is long? a week maybe?

    • Monday February 20th, 2017 / 02:01 AM

      It depends on what do you do with the nails. If you’re often hold them into water it will comes down earlier. But normally the hold 5-7 or longer without a problem. Important is to make sure the nails are fatfree. I don’t like fake nails too. With striplac you can easily let your nails grow because they want break. I will soon make a review on another product for growing nails itself.

  2. Monday February 20th, 2017 / 07:12 PM

    Ich mag die Farbe total!
    Liebe Grüße zum Montag!

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