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Hamburg Alsterarkaden 2


Our summer road trip took us on the way back from Danmark to Hamburg. It was a far too short stay – we will definitely get back there. Because Hamburg is such a diverse city and also a true shopping paradise. Despite our short stay we did not miss to visit some nice spots and especially photo spots. Today I would like to bring you closer to my top 3 photo spots in Hamburg.


Speicherstadt Hamburg with the water castle


Hamburg Speicherstadt Wasserschloss


The Speicherstadt in Hamburg is the world’s largest historic warehouse complex, located at the Port of Hamburg. With the red brick houses and industrial charm, it is wonderful as a photo backdrop for fashion shoots & Co.



Unique is then the so-called water castle, it is one of the oldest buildings of the Speicherstadt and a landmark. The water castle lies on a peninsula between two canals at the confluence of Wandrahmsfleet and Holländischbrookfleet.


Alsterarkaden, Hamburg


Hamburg Alsterarkaden


The Alsterarkaden in Hamburg have a very special flair, with an Italian touch. They were built as well as the houses behind them until 1846. Today the Alsterarkaden are one of the oldest shopping miles of Hamburg and located at the beginning of the luxury shopping street. The most beautiful pictures you can get from the other side of the river. Nearby is also the town hall, the courtyard is so pretty too.


Hotel Tortue, Hamburg



I can also highly recommend our hotel we stayed in Hamburg, the Hotel Tortue was opened in 2018 and convinces with a unique concept and hospitality. The rooms are all beautifully designed and the restaurants and bar invite you to linger. By the way, you can find my review of the stay at Hotel Tortue in Hamburg here.

That was my favorite 3 spot on Instagram, but as mentioned earlier, Hamburg has a lot to offer, and the next time I visit I’ll be looking for more sights, restaurants, etc. Maybe someone from Hamburg can give me one more Give insider tip. A second visit is definitely worth it.



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