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Contains PR-Samples


Sisley Hair Rituel


Sisley recently launched their first hair care line. All the more I was pleased to test two of the products in the past few weeks. Ebelin, on the other hand, has launched new hairbrushes that do not just look pretty.


Sisley Hair Rituel serum


For me, testing a serum for hair & scalp was an absolute premier. The Sérum Revitalizant Fortifiant pour le cuir chevelu promotes the growth of thicker and denser hair. It contains minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and proteins that vitalize the hair root. It is a strengthening serum that enhances the hair’s resistance and preserves its natural color. The serum can be well massaged with the fingers into the scalp, it is a serum, so that the hair and the scalp are not getting oily. The serum smells very pleasant and of herbs. I like to let the serum work overnight and make myself a short head massage in the evening. Divide the hair into lots and work in the serum. Use it every 2 days as an intensive treatment over a month and afterwards twice a week. It does the hair and the scalp well, so I will continue using it.


Sisley hair rituel haarmaske


In the recent weeks, this great hair mask has become indispensable in my hair care routine. I use the Regenerating Mask of Hair Ritual by Sisley 1 – 2 times a week. It can be applied to the entire hair from the beginning and works for 10 minutes. Especially with this mask is that you can apply them not only into the lengths. Because most hair masks flatten the hair, but not the regenerating hair mask of Sisley. Both the serum and the hair mask contain a very high proportion of active ingredients, which make the products effective. After rinsing, the hair feels well cared for but not weighted. The combability improves and also the shine of the hair.


ebelin Haarbürste test


Now to the new ebelin hairbrushes which have moved in: The Massage Bamboo Brush, the Massage Bamboo Brush and the Styling Wooden Brush. Both the Massage  Bamboo Brush and the Massage Bamboo Brush are made of FSC certified bamboo. The styling wooden brush is made of beech wood. Not only care products are essential for beautiful hair, also the matching hairbrushes are important. This is especially true for the two massage brushes, because with regular use, the blood circulation, the growth and the health of the hair can be actively improved.


Which hair care products you could not live without?



  1. Sunday May 27th, 2018 / 03:21 PM

    Ich habe auch eine Bürste die ich immer nutze, einfach weil es da wirklich große Qualitätsunterschiede gibt und ich mich mal bewusst für eine mit Echthaar entschieden habe, was ich auch nicht bereute.
    Liebe Sonntagsgrüße!

    • Priscilla
      Wednesday May 30th, 2018 / 07:14 PM

      Ich habe auch noch eine mit Echthaarborsten. Meistens brauche ich mehrere. Borsten mag ich z.B. nicht im nassen Haar benutzen.

  2. Sunday May 27th, 2018 / 04:00 PM

    Toller Post, ich schaue mich gerade nach einer neuen Haarbürste um, danke fürs Vorstellen 🙂

    Liebe Grüße, Esra

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