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My Milan Look

Last week I was in Milan and before my meetings I had some time to explore the city. Especially for a City Trip I like to wear a cozy outfit and comfortable shoes. My Milan look is therefore characterized by it precisely.  


GEWINNSPIEL: Coop Naturaline faire Bio Fashion designt von Melanie Winiger

Fair and biological fashion is in demand, but in the minds of the people there is still the notion that this fashion looks less stylistic than the “normal”. This is not the case, however, especially in the new spring collection of Coop Naturaline, there are many parts to be found that are in line with the current trend of the athletes fashion as well as a nice selection of basics. You can…


The Ballerina Look

The first sunny days make me dream of spring, so my outfits are already more springy. Today I would like to introduce you to a trend for spring 2017, it is the ballerina look. The playfulness also fits beautifully to spring.    


My Winterlook with Leabags

Winter is in town. The winter look is particularly most stylish with a chic hat. As you have already noticed, the exam session of the autumn semester begins for me tomorrow. This means for me I have to carry all my university stuff with me, finally I have found a bag which is large enough for laptop, books and my beloved (felt 10kg heavy) law book.    


New Year’s Eve Look and Happy 2017

Many of you are certainly feel like me, how fast the time flies. The year 2016 is soon already history. The annual transfer will be celebrated tomorrow. We leave what happened behind us and reflect.     Let us reflect briefly the year 2016 and look at the future together. This of course not without many sequins ^ ^  


My Christmas Look

On saturday is christmas 2016 begins, besides the gifts and the feast, the outfit ha also to be carefully selected. Just at Christmas we try to make everything as beautiful as possible, the Christmas tree shines and the table is festively laid out. Today I will show you my outfit for the Christmas meal with the family.    


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